Our Story

Hi, I’m Jack Pemberton.  This website is a result of my life journey experience.

I was born and raised in Oakland, CA. I spent the first part of my life in the military as an aircraft mechanic. Due to circumstances, I retired early to take care of my two elderly parents as a caretaker that went on for six years until their death. They used many prescription drugs as a way to resolve their health problems (they followed the patterns of the world like so many other people of The System). After seeing how my parent’s health declined rapidly taking drugs, I questioned “there had to be a better way”. 


An anointed Christian Prophet-Priest-Teacher (who is also a graphic artist and divinity life coach) was put in my life to guide me into the Way Of God (for health, and everything else).  NOW I have a business that’s in alignment with the way of God and His agenda for earth and humanity. I’m on a mission towards helping people and pets cross-over from the life-robbing System to true abundant-living! 

Discover some of the most effective natural “health promoting” everyday products. Harvest Time Health offers a variety of high quality products for people and pets that offer maximum positive results for your money, and other resources to help you. These products are considered to be higher-in-grade than what’s available in wellness stores.

This is how I am spending the remainder of my years on earth (sharing the good news!) …