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Yoga Warning Public Awareness

J Pemberton

This yoga testimonial was written from my heart to the
yoga community to share with you my personal experience;
to inform and increase awareness…the truth about yoga.

If you do yoga I am not against you – it is your free will choice to live as you please – so don’t feel any bitterness towards me regarding my testimony, but people have the right to know to what Yoga really is so they can make a clear conscious decision about doing it or not to do it.

Yoga is a Hindu word that means in “yoke” “unity” “oneness” with. Yoga consist of poses (prostrations) amongst other things. Prostration is defined in the dictionary as …

“lying flat out and stretching in a certain way is an act of reverence (a gesture indication deep respect to) and an act of submission (the action or fact of accepting or yielding to a superior force or to the will or authority of another.)

Yoga is a Hindu spiritual practice to bind yourself (spirit-wise) to “other” deities (not of God). Some yoga advertisements use words like “yoga is to increase the flow of energy”; spirits are also known as “energy forms”. So what they are really saying (without the mask) is: yoga is an exercise to increase the flow of Hindu spirit deities within you!

But little did I know before I started doing yoga myself.
My ignorance regarding yoga got me in serious trouble.

I was helping two elderly parents through the end stages of there life, and was looking for an exercise I could do that would relive the stresses and emotions of care giving, and I decided to try Bikram Yoga. This is a yoga preformed in a hot room for 90 minutes. At first it made me feel good and provided the stress and emotional relief I was looking for. I started a regular practice, and what I found was that after each class I felt great, but that feeling was only temporary. After about three days I started feeling bad and wanted to go back to yoga to feel good again. This went on for about a year and a half of regular practice and became an addiction, but I thought at the time was a healthy addiction. (Important point #1: It draws you in deeper. You feel good, then it making you feel bad, to keep you coming back for more.) I started to feel a separation from myself, from those close to me, and a separation from GOD. Next, I was reaching out in all the wrong directions for answers. New age books, a medium, a class on energy centers (chakras) of the body, a class on how to breathe, attempted to do inner child work with a wrong spiritual guide which are all part of the “dark realm” — that I ignorantly did not know at that time. (This is important point #2: I was starting to do things I would not normally do). I know now that what ever you put energy into with repetition will grow over time into full bloom. What you sow and nurture, you will reap (Seed > Time > Harvest). If that what you are doing (yoga) is rooted in a negative source (dark realm) you will draw more of that into your life (Law of Attraction). After my parents died I was at a low point in my life. Physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted. It was at this low point of my life when evil spirits attacked me upon doing yoga, and tried to destroy me. (Important point #3: These evil spirits can control your mind, will, and emotions; make you sick, diseased, mentally ill and insane.) These are the things I’ve experienced…


Affects on the Mind

1. Mental

2. Inability to Think

3. Confusion

4. Depression

5. Oppression

6. Powerful illusion

7. Delusion

8. Hallucinations

9. Insanity


Affects on the Body

1. Energy moving around up and down in my body (spirits are also referred as “energy”)

2. Extreme Fatigue

3. Insomnia

4. Sexual reproductive system comes alive, no control over it.

5. Takes away your freedom


The turning point came when I started learning truth.

THE TURNING POINT God could see that I was reaching out, lost, broken, and in need of counsel; so with his great mercy and grace put a Christian Prophet Of God (Bonnie) in my life. I was guided away from all that was not of God’s Divinity including yoga. After learning some truth about yoga, I rolled up my mat and never went back. I stepped back from the ways of the world and focused on the renewing of my mind, healing, and understanding. But understanding at first was next to impossible due to my mental bondage that resulted from doing yoga, it seriously messed up my mind hindering it. This is important to understand, because, you would not be able to keep a job or perform important tasks. GOD (Jesus) is the one that has to close the spiritual doors that you opened by doing yoga. GOD per Jesus Christ is the antidote to the false light of the devil that masquerades as the true light in yoga. But healing does not happen all at once. It takes time depending on your own condition. Thank God for “anointed” spiritually gifted Christians.

About the Author JPemberton

Owner of Harvest Time Health and full-time RVer. I am a newbie at blogging so bear with me ... you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

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